Statement about recent CDC placenta encapsulation. PDX placenta has been offering placenta services in the Portland Metro area without incident for over five years. All of our preparers are personally trained in blood borne pathogens and infection control. PDX Placenta believes that the article was very short sighted And did not look at all the factors involved. We believe there is a lot of questions that are left unanswered. We also know that people can get infections in variety of ways.Below is a list of questions that we would personally like answered about this specific case. 
How old was the placenta when it was processed? How was it stored before preparation? Did the birthing person have a fever during labor? Was the person who processed it experienced or even properly trained? Was it prepared raw or cooked first? How was it prepared. Did the preparer contaminate the placenta in there home when preparing it? (We only do placenta services in the families home)Was the powder given directly to the baby? What bacteria made the baby sick? What pathway do the doctors think caused the infection?
At PDX Placenta we are dedicated to the health and safety of all our families. We would never want to expose a baby to something that we believed was unsafe or unhealthy. We will continue to watch this case is closely in hopes that we will get more questions answered. – PDX Placenta

The placenta is an amazing gift your body creates! Not only does it provide everything for your baby as he/she grows inside your body, but it also enables a smooth postpartum recovery for the mother. There are a few different ways to consume your placenta after birth. I am sure if you take the time to do your research you will find the right method for you! Just remember to keep an open mind and an open heart.

All placentas will be processed in the mothers’ home to eliminate risk of contamination and to ensure she is in fact receiving her own placenta. Doula Love clients get a $50 discount on services.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is the process by which we turn your placenta into easy-to-swallow capsules, which many new mothers find more palatable than the raw alternative. If you are interested in placenta encapsulation, but are also curious about raw or frozen placenta, we do offer the option of encapsulating half of your placenta and preparing the rest for raw consumption. All encapsulation orders come with an umbilical-cord-keepsake.

Rate: $250

Packaging: Capsules comes in a glass jar with full instructions on usage

Raw Preparation

Raw preparation is the method by which we prepare your placenta to be taken with as little processing as possible. Your placenta will be trimmed into small pieces and frozen for future use in smoothies, or however you prefer. (If client has GBS or any sign of infection during labor placenta can not be prepared in this way.)

Rate: $150 –