I first heard of placenta encapsulation when we hired Wendy as our doula for the birth of our first child. My initial reaction was ‘placenta … what?!’. But as I began to do a little research I went from being grossed out by the idea, to being intrigued. Everything I read and everything Wendy told me, seemed to make perfect sense. It didn’t take long before I had decided that it was worth a try.

The process was super simple. Wendy handles it all. When I got home from the hospital a small bottle of pills and instructions were waiting for me.

Admittedly, I have never given birth without ‘placenta pills’. But I had such a positive postpartum experience with them, I don’t want to ever find out what it could be like without them”.

– Candice (Portland, OR)

“It keeps the crazies away”

– Jess

“It made me feel like I had the energy, patience and clarity of mind that I had before I got pregnant. Amazing and, at points, allowed me moments of euphoric appreciation for our new life with a baby. Thanks, Wendy!”

Everyone, including our doctor, commented on how amazingly happy and awake we looked compared to other new parents they’d seen. We told everyone about the placenta wonder pill. Thanks, Wendy!”

– Kendel (Portland,OR)

“I had a great experience with placenta encapsulation. I had heard good things about it from helping you with your energy level and warding off postpartum depression. I had a C-section and was worried about the hormonal ramifications, but I think the placenta encapsulation really helped me bounce back more quickly. I did not have any issues with mood or energy and really believe that a good part of that was because Of the placenta pills. Wendy is terrific-I highly recommend her!”

– Juree (Portland, OR)

“Placenta encapsulation is an essential part of postpartum care and recovery. After having severe postpartum depression with my first child, I was deeply worried about developing depression again with my second. I talked with Wendy at length during my second pregnancy and she educated me on the many benefits of placenta encapsulation.

At first I was a little hesitant because I knew how hard the postpartum blues hit me and wasn’t sure if placenta encapsulation would make the difference. I decided to take a chance, though, because of the considerate and thoughtful way Wendy described the process and need for placenta encapsulation. I am so thankful I decided to let Wendy encapsulate my placenta. Her professional, knowledgeable and respectful processing of the placenta and her reassuring, educational support about how to fully benefit from the placenta made the entire experience more comfortable and satisfying.

Since taking the pills, I have noticed an incredible difference in the level of energy I experience on a daily basis, a quicker recovery time for my body after birth and delivery, and an overall more hopeful mood and happier attitude. The entire postpartum experience this time is a night and day difference compared to my first postpartum recovery with my eldest child. I attribute my improvement, this time, in part to the placenta encapsulation and never thought that the postpartum period could be this restorative and blissful.”

– Autumn (Ashland, OR)

“The first night of our natural birthing class, Wendy briefly talked about placenta consumption. I thought about my placenta the whole hour drive home. I kept coming to the same conclusion that, no matter what, I’d do something with the beautiful placenta that I had grown:the life organ for my baby. My fiancé came home from work and I explained my thoughts to him. After many hours of researching, I said, “I’m doing it!” Whenever anyone would give me their opinion I said “You eat hot dogs, don’t you? I know what my placenta is made of.”

On the day of my beautiful daughter’s arrival, Wendy took my placenta to my house. Throughout the 2 days we had to stay in the hospital, she encapsulated my placenta and left a few raw chunks for me to consume in smoothies. I still (18 months later) have pills left!

I must say I never had baby blues, milk issues or extreme moodiness. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant and planning on encapsulating again. A huge thank you to Wendy for opening my eyes to something so natural and helpful.”

– Ashley ( Madison, WI)

“After the birth of our first child I experienced postpartum anxiety. As a second time mom, I knew life with a toddler and newborn was going to be even more challenging and exhausting. Both my husband and I agreed we had to try something different the second time around, for the postpartum phase, to help both of us deal with the pressure more gracefully.

Consuming my placenta seemed like a good option and at the least wouldn’t hurt (we both recalled thinking). Wendy did a loving and professional job encapsulating my placenta for me in our home while we were still at the hospital. I began taking the pills as soon as I got home. I feel it made a huge difference in my emotional stability. I didn’t cry AT ALL during those first weeks, besides the couple of days I lowered my dosage (which I think gives even more credit to the amazing benefits of the placenta). I think consuming my placenta truly helped in supporting my mood and giving me energy.

Whether you are a first time mom or have several children, the early weeks are demanding physically, emotionally and mentally. Even 7 months postpartum, if I am feeling a little weepy, I take one of the capsules I still have left in the freezer. I highly recommend placenta encapsulation to any mother.”

– Annie (Portland,OR)